Torre del Oro

Hey Seebybikers!!

We all know that Sevilla has a lot of interesting buildings but this one might be one of our favorites: Torre del Oro.


Justo Lora by Nori Jemil


Yesterday we sent our trainees Liam and Craig to visit it in the morning (remember the visit is always free on Monday!!) so they picked a couple of bikes and followed the bikelane straight to it.

The Torre del Oro was built in 1200 buy the muslims as a “watch-tower” so that they could control the port (back then, they were always in alert because they knew the Christians were coming to “reconquer”) that’s why the tower was also attached to the city wall, so that the guards could run on top of the wall with the news they had.

The tower has 12 sides so that they could control every single angle:


It’s name comes from the materials it was built with: when it was first built they decorated the tower with small stones that were really shiny when they were reflected on the water, that’s whay it looked like it was made of gold.

Nowadays the tower is the Naval Museum of Sevilla and has one of the best views ever!!

Go visit it !!