Did you know that SEVILLE is the urban city with more Orange Trees of the world? Crazy, right?

The Genoeses were the ones who first planted bitter oranges in Europe, they brought them from China, however, the oranges that we have here were planted by the Arabs short after the 10th Century.

At the beggining, these trees were used as decorations but at the same time they gave freshness and shade to the city, inside and outside of our well-known patios. During the Al-Ándalus era, they became more and more important as they were used with medical purposes or to make perfume.

Nowadays, the use of the fruit itself goes from food to the elaboration of gunpowder; we still use the leaves to make perfumes and they are also ingredients in pharmacy.

Let’s not forget our famous marmalade!

When the Duke of Wellington came to Seville during the War of Independence against the French, we was amazed by the Marmalade of Bitter Oranges of Seville and he decided to take it to the UK with him. He make it fashionable. Since then, the UK is the most important consumer of our marmalade.

And last but not least… ¡¡EL VINO DE NARANJA!!

Few people know about the existence of our Orange Wine but it does exist and it is delicious! You can find it almost everywhere in the city. Try it, you will not regret it!!