Seebybike in National Geographic Traveller magazine

National Geographic Traveller team came to Seville and stopped for a bike tour with SeeByBike.

About seven years ago, when two brothers with a great passion for bicycles conceived the idea of creating a bike tour company in Seville, it seemed if not totally absurd, then at least not very viable. As hard as it may be to imagine now, urban cycling and bike tourism were not yet ‘on the menu’ back in the day. So forget about bicycle friendly infrastructure, bike lanes, special traffic rules and other attributes of the expanding cycling society that are available now.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”
 Albert Einstein

That was the world where Seebybike company was born. Our founders were driven by the idea of promoting a better and healthier lifestyle, hoping that one day bicycles would become an integral part of our everyday life. 

That day has finally come! Nowadays, being ‘green’ and riding a bicycle is a new mainstream with thousands of people annually opting for bike tourism as the best way to discover new destinations. And we couldn’t be more happy about it! With years and experience Seebybike company has grown and developed. So you can obviously find feedback about us on various online platforms, but there are some opinion setters, or ‘influencers’ in the modern slang, whose judgement we implicitly trust. One of them in particular!


National Geographic Society is probably THE MOST distinguished and iconic organization in the entire world! It is the touchstone of excellence for those who dedicate themselves to exploring the world. Essentially, National Geographic is the definition of supreme quality and professionalism.

So it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Seebybike being chosen as the tour guide for National Geographic Traveller team, during their visit to Seville in 2017, was the greatest of honours for us and most importantly an immense pleasure.

Photography by Nori Jemil

For a couple of days our best guides took Jamie Lafferty, the writer for National Geographic Traveller, and Nori Jemil, the magazine’s photographer, on a bike tour around Seville and gave them “a crash course” on the idiosyncrasy of Sevillian people, their unique lifestyle and mentality. On the city’s centuries-long traditions and numerous legends, as well as on the history of the Andalusian capital to study which, according to Jamie, “is to study all of humanity’s”.

Photography by Nori Jemil


Together we lost ourselves on the narrow streets of Santa Cruz district, went for tapas to traditional local bars and listened to characteristic Sevillian flamenco, “a barely controlled mayhem for troubled souls who need an outlet for their passion and fury”.  All that in order to make our guests as passionate and crazy about Seville as we are.

We genuinely hope that we’ve succeeded.

And we invite you to read Jamie Lafferty’s wonderful article,  featuring Nori Jemil’s amazing photographs, about their unique Sevillian and Seebybike experience.


From National Geographic Traveller


From National Geographic Traveller

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