SeeByBike Favorite Restaurants (Volume I)

Eating in Sevilla

Seville has 3.872 bars and a population of 702.355, that makes 5.5 bars per 1,000 people.

Those are a lot of bars and if you are new here is normal that finding a good restaurant might look a bit hard.

That’s why we have created this list of 10 of our favorite restaurants in town.

These 10 restaurants are divided in 3 groups, the first one is the one that’s closest to SeeByBike, just in case you want to go there right after your bike rental or tour; the second group is in the city center and the third group in Alameda de Hércules, that might look far but isn’t!!

Group 1

  1. El Baratillo (C/ Adriano) “Carrillada”
  2. Peregil (C/ Mateos Gago)“Vino de Naranja”
  3. Los Coloniales (C/ Fernández y González) “Solomillo al Whiskey”

Group 2

  1.  Perro Viejo (C/ Arguijo)
  2. Lobo López (C/ Rosario)
  3. Sal Gorda (C/ Alaicería de la Loza)
  4. Blanco Cerrillo (C/ José de Velilla) “Adobo”

Group 3

  1. Dúo Tapas (C/ Calatrava)
  2. Mercado Feria (C/ Feria)
  3. Maquila (C/ Delgado)