SeeByBike at FITUR 2020: Promoting Sustainable Tourism


FITUR 2020 Tourism Trade Fair
2020 edition of FITUR in Madrid.

SeeByBike successfully wrapped up the first month of 2020 by attending the most anticipated tourism event of the year – FITUR, the International Tourism Trade Fair held annually in Madrid.
FITUR Spain is the meeting point for professionals in tourism industry worldwide, a platform for discussing the most cutting-edge trends such as technology, sustainable development and the future of global tourism.  

This year’s edition marked its 40th anniversary, breaking all previous attendance records with a total of over 255 thousand visitors and 11 thousand companies from 165 countries and regions. SeeByBike was one of them.


What is FITUR?

SeeByBike Sustainable Tourism Seville
SeeByBike CEO at Seville tourism stand, among other exhibitors at FITUR.

FITUR is the leading business forum in tourism industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world and acommodating both mass tourism and niche markets.

It is a unique platform that allows companies worldwide to promote themselves and their products. Thanks to a variety of B2B activities it also creates the perfect climate for new business opportunities.

This year the expanse of the event surpassed all expectations, as it has generated an economic impact of roughly 333 million euros.

“This was a comprehensive event where sustainability was the underlying constant, both with respect to the development of tourism itself and the cultural and social values associated with the industry.” 

For SeeByBike promoting sustainable tourism is one of the principal values and the main pilar of our activity. So we were happy to be among such a diverse global audience representing sustainable tourism in Spain, Andalusia and Seville on the international scale.


“Industry by people for people”

The King of Spain on FITUR 40th anniversary. Promoting sustainable tourism
The King of Spain on FITUR 40th anniversary dinner.

“Tourism is an industry by people for people: it seeks to create leisure and wellbeing. Therefore, by gathering here to address tourism, we aspire to share a worldview, and we have the responsibility to influence positively the international scene by communicating our commitment to inclusive and sustainable progress.”

said his majesty the King of Spain, Felipe VI, at the FITUR 40th anniversary dinner.

At SeeByBike we feel very identified with this vision of tourism as an industry ‘by people for people’. Because our goal as a company is and has always been to serve people, to encourage their curiosity and desire to explore the world, by making travelling easier, more fun and eco-friendly.

Attending FITUR 2020 was a great chance for SeeByBike to promote sustainable and bicycle tourism in Seville and Spain, to stay up to date with the most cutting-edge topics and the latest trends in the global tourism industry, get valuable connections, exchange knowledge and experience in the field to keep getting better and better at what we do.


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