Perfect (Bike) Day in Seville

We know that sometimes it is hard to get to know a city for the first time trying not to waste time by getting lost! Because of that we have decided to write how we would spend a “Perfect Day” in our lovely city: Sevilla. Since we love bikes, we’ve made the schedule following bike lanes and small streets so you can go the whole day by bike!! Hope it’s helpful!

At first, we would go to “La Cacharrería” (C/ Regina, 14) to have breakfast, there you can have the delicious “desayuno andaluz” that will give you energy to start the day properly. By the way, their coffee is great too! They open everyday.


After a great breakfast in La Cacharrería, we would go to “Las Setas”, they open everyday from 10:00AM to 11:00PM and have the most amazing views of the city. It costs 3€ per person and they give you a drink on top with your ticket. It also has the Antiquarium, were you will find old roman ruins, amazing!


Later, you go straightaway to the Monastery. It’s really easy to go by bike, as you will see on the map, you just have to follow the street straight to the river and follow the bike lane.

The Cartuja Monastery is now the Center of Contemporary Art of Andalucía. The building was first a Ceramic Factory, cause it was built where clay caves were, then they found a Virgin inside of one of the caves and it became a Monastery.

During the weekends it helds free music festivals.


Right after the Monastery: lunch time! You just have to cross the Barqueta bridge following the bike lane and go to Alameda de Hércules, there you will find Dúo Tapas, they are one of the best restaurants of our city and they have a big terrace so you can eat outside and enjoy our perfect weather.

After having the best meal ever, you’re ready to continue your way, you just have to go back to the river and follow the bike lane until the Expo’29. The Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 was 18 months long and 800.000 people came. The complex of the Expo’29 is inside of the Maria Luisa Park and sourrounding it too; for the Expo each country had its own building, so inside of the park we have Plaza de España and Plaza de América, outside of it we have the rest of them.



And that was it, after all that you only have to go rest (having tapas and summer wine)!!!


Press on the map so you can have the route on Google Maps.