National Geographic Traveller’s guide to Seville (including Seebybike!!!)

A while ago we were lucky enough to be able to show our beautiful Seville to two of the most interesting people we’ve ever met Jamie Lafferty and Nori Jemil, they both came to Seville sent by the National Geographic Traveller UK and we couldn’t be more thankful!

You can read here a small paragraph from the article and we invite you to read the full thing by clicking the link below!

“Sevillian civilians are understandably delighted with their lot. As well as being blessed with wonderful weather and food, it’s a city dedicated to cycling (only Amsterdam has more cycle lanes) and the sanctity of its historic buildings. Unsurprisingly, UNESCO heavily endorses Seville. To study the Andalusian capital’s history is to study all of humanity’s. I’m given a crash course while cycling with the excellent SeeByBike. As my guide, Justo Lora, explains everything to me, it feels as though every history project I ever did at school rushes back at once.”

Read the full article here CITY LIFE: SEVILLE

Text by Jamie Lafferty and pictures by Nori Jemil

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