Seville MUST SEE: The Cathedral & The Royal Alcazar

The Magnifiscent Cathedral of Seville


When you plan a trip to our wonderful city of Seville, THE CATHEDRAL and THE ROYAL ALCÁZAR will appear without doubt in the TOP list of sights you MUST SEE in Seville. But what makes them so special?


Cathedral of Seville. Aerial View

The Cathedral of Seville, also known as the Cathedral of St. Mary of the See, is truly awe-inspiring! The world’s largest Gothic cathedral, and also the third biggest Cristian temple in the world after St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome and St. Paul’s in London. It is an object of immense pride for the citizens of Seville.

“Let us build a church so beautiful and so grand that those who see it finished will take us for mad” (According to a legend)

And it is true that the Cathedral in all its grandeur is simply breathtaking! The impressive Giralda Tower, with its 16th century Renaissance belfry, used to be the minaret of an ancient Almohad mosque. Another living reminder of it is a beautiful orange garden! Something you woudn’t find in any other Catholic cathedral, which makes the Cathedral of Seville so unique.

It is in essence a fascinating mixture of architectural styles and cultural influences: starting from the early 12th century mosque and following its more than three-centuries-long transformation, that brought Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles together to create this precious cultural and architectural gem!


Alcázar of Seville

The Royal Alcázar is yet another marvel the city of Seville has to offer to its visitors. 

Built about a millennium ago by the most powerful Al-Andalus (Muslim Iberia) rulers in what used to be the ancient Roman city of Hispalis, The Royal Alcázar has seen it all throughout its history. It has undergone various modifications in its size, style and use since its construction. The Alcázar of the present days comprises the Gothic Palace of Alfonso X and the wonderful Palace of Peter I done in the characteristic for this region Mudéjar style.

The territory is also full of picturesque courtyards and impressive royal gardens. The Game of Thrones directors recently used these as a set for the sunny Kingdom of Dorn. This curious fact and so many others make The Alcázar an absolute MUST SEE for everyone coming to Seville. Regardless of age, culture or religion you can always appreciate its timeless beauty.


Do you want to walk around the luxurious royal bedrooms, halls and magnificent gardens of the Royal Alcázar? Overlook the city from the Giralda tower as the ancient kings did? See the tomb of Christopher Columbus in the Cathedral of Seville?

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