La Giralda

Saturdays of History!

When the Almohads arrived in Seville in 1147, they decided to build a new mosque, bigger than the others. Once they finished the construction of the big Mosque build a tower with the same proportions was necessary.

Since the religious chief was an old man and he could not use stairs to go up, they built a large ramp so he could go up and down by horse.

The architect that designed the Mosque of Seville was called Gerber. It is believed that he is the inventor of Algebra.

A well-known story says that when Seville was about to surrender to Ferdinand III, the Moors wanted to destroy the tower so that they would not see it conquered by the Christians, however, Alfonso X said that he would cut the same number of heads as the bricks missing from the tower. The Moors were so afraid that they decided to leave the tower.