What is MICE? Groups & Events Tourism: destination Seville!


Never heard of MICE tourism before? Heard about it but still wonder what that is? Don’t worry! This article will provide a clear and easy to understand definition of MICE. As well as give you insight into the world of business, groups & events tourism, meetings & conference travelling and so much more.


Seville Events Tourism
Plaza de España. Photo by Thierry Beaurepère


As a company dedicated to creating the best customer experiences, SeeByBike is constantly searching for better ways to accomodate the needs of both individual tourism and a growing segment of groups & events tourism in Seville. According to statistics, travelling for business purposes makes up to 12% of Spain’s total tourism flow. That’s why, apart from targeting leisure tourism, SeeByBike makes Groups & Events niche one of its priorities.

For instance, not long ago SeeByBike had a chance to collaborate with Voyages & Stratégie, a leading French magazine specialized in MICE and international business tourism, that targets business leaders, senior managers, event planning agencies and defends the idea of travel as a management tool.


So, what is MICE?

MICE, as you can imagine, has nothing to do with the animal! Instead, it is a term generally used in global travel context to refer to a specialized niche of group tourism, that takes care of organizing, planning and booking all types of meetings, events and itineraries for large travel groups.

Usually, MICE events are aimed at: professional, school, academic or trade organizations or any other special interest group.

MICE is an acronym and stands for:

  1. M – Meeting
  2. I – Incentive
  3. C – Conference
  4. E – Exhibition

Simply put, MICE industry and travel agents are dedicated to bringing large groups of travellers together in a well-organized and planned-ahead trip, whether you’re planning a reward trip for your company’s employees (incentive) or you want to organize a big event focused on the latest innovations in your field (conference). 

In recent years, though, the term MICE has been falling out of use. Instead, many professionals in the field refer to this niche market with more generic and wide-ranging terms such as ‘meetings industry‘ or ‘events tourism‘.


SEVILLE: the perfect destination for Events Tourism 

Popular culture and traditions by day, “movida” to the flamenco rhythm until the end of the night… Lit by its legendary monuments, the Andalusian capital lives non-stop, 24 hours a day.
(Thierry Beaurepère in Voyages & Stratégie Issue #198)

About two years ago, the Voyages & Stratégie magazine team contacted SeeByBike with a great idea for collaboration! The editorial specializes in presenting regional and country assets for hosting seminars, congresses and conventions. So, when they chose Andalusia, and Seville in particular, as their new MICE Destination, we couldn’t miss the chance to promote our beautiful city on the international scale!

With a long and successful experience in organizing group tours, SeeByBike prepared an unforgettable exclusive bike tour for Voyages & Stratégie team. We went everywhere in Seville to show how much our city has to offer:

Triana, Santa Cruz, the Cathedral and the Royal Alcazár, the Metropol Parasol, Plaza de España, a pleasurable bike ride through María Luisa park, sunsets over the Guadalquivir river and magical flamenco performances late at night…

In Seville, there is something for everyone: for a leisure traveller or a large company group coming here for business, for every age, taste and purpose. So, come to our official shop to rent some bikes and discover Seville on two wheels!