Why bicycles are (simply) the best.

Just in case you needed more reasons to ride a bike everyday, we’ve made this list of why these vehicles are (simply) the best.

So, your bike does all these following things for you:

  1. Makes you happy
  2. Helps you to be faster (p.e. get early to work and have that extra cup of coffee that gives you life!!)
  3. Gives you “superhero” legs
  4. Makes you a better human being by helping the Earth (as it slows the global warming and has zero emissions)
  5. You can’t help but smile all the time while riding a bike
  6. It feels like flying
  7. No traffic jams for you!!
  8. Makes you save money (as you don’t need to pay for gas, parking fees, insurance… etc)
  9. It carries your things inside of its basket so you don’t have to carry them
  10. Makes you feel healthier
  11. Improves your state of body and mind
  12. Gives you time to think