What to do in Seville on Christmas: Traveller’s guide


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If you were google searching what to do in Seville on Christmas, you’ve come to the right place! 


Christmas holiday season is probably the most anticipated and ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, as Andy Williams’s song goes. According to Forbes, it is also the busiest holiday for travel! And although you won’t find snow in Seville in winter, there is still a lot to do in the city on holidays! So to help you enjoy most of your Christmas time in sunny and warm Seville, SeeByBike has prepared a traveller’s guide of things to do in Seville this Christmas 2019.



1. Christmas Lights & Christmas Trees 


Christmas Lights in Seville
Christmas Lights on the street of Seville

It wouldn’t be a real Christmas celebration without magical christmas lights! And this year they will shine on almost 300 streets around Seville. The city hall has also installed at least 10 Christmas Trees. One of them is more than 20 meters high and is located at plaza de San Francisco, right in front of the city hall.

A curious fact: this year for the first time all christmas lights around the city are LED, assuring a 100% green Christmas, as part of the city’s commitment to fighting against climate change.


2. Giant Angels in a lights & music show at Plaza de San Francisco 


Christmas Angels in Seville
Giant Angels at Plaza de San Francisco

Another spectacular Christmas gift from the city hall of Seville are 8 GIANT ANGELS on Plaza de San Francisco. The incredible 10-meter-high angel figures light up at the pace of music, and form a passage leading to a gigantic Christmas tree.

You can enjoy the wonderful Lights&Music show every evening from 19:30-22:00 (every half hour) until January 5th. Oh, and it’s FOR FREE!


3. The city of Lapland at Metropol Parasol


Lapland. Christmas in Seville
The city of Lapland at Metropol Parasol

A trip to Lapland without leaving warm and sunny Seville? Easy! Specially for Christmas, Metropol Parasol (‘The Mushrooms’) will be home to a recreation of the city of Lapland! Father Christmas in his little wooden house, lights, christmas trees, music, ice skating rink and SNOW (even though artificial) are some of the things you’ll find at Plaza de la Encarnación!

You can also enjoy a unique circus performance, including aerial acrobatics and audiovisual 4D show at 19:00 p.m. and 21:00 p.m. (Friday and Saturday also at 22:30!) every evening until January 5th for only 5€.


4. Marine Parade at Avenida de Constitución 


Marine Life Christmas Parade
Marine Life Christmas Parade

On the 28th and 29th of December the main streets of Seville – San Fernando street and Avenida de Constitución – will host an incredible marine life parade sponsored by the Seville Aquarium. You will see a fascinating cortège of shellfish, sparkling starfish and all types of marine species in a mixture of music and lights performance.


5. Ice-skating and Ferris wheel at Prado de San Sebastián gardens


Ice-Skating and Ferris wheel at Prado de San Sebastián
Ice-Skating and Ferris wheel at Prado de San Sebastián

Apart from a traditional christmas market with food and drinks, at Prado de San Sebastián you can also find not one, but two ice skating rinks! One for adults and another one for children (take your gloves with you! they are obligatory on the rink).

Apart from that, you will find a giant Ferris wheel, a big slide made of ice, a train led by reindeers and other fascinating attractions. You will also get a chance to see how christmas gifts are prepared at the Three Wise Kings’ animatronic house.

This giant Christmas playground is open until January 6th every day, except December 24th and 31st.


6. Crafts Christmas Market at Plaza Nueva


Crafts Christmas Market at Plaza Nueva
Crafts Christmas Market at Plaza Nueva

Looking for exceptional souvenirs to bring back from your trip? Then you must visit the 20th edition of Seville Crafts Christmas Market, open from December 17th until January 5th on the main square of Seville, Plaza Nueva, right in front of the city hall. This year 72 craft stands will offer a great variety of handicraft made with different materials and techniques.


7. Christmas attraction park at Alameda de Hércules 


Christmas Market at Alameda de Hércules
Christmas Market at Alameda de Hércules

For those of you who have never visited Alameda de Hércules, now is a good time! For a lot of locals that’s the best place for having fun, with its variety of restaurants, bars and saturated nightlife.

This Christmas Alameda will surprise you with rich holiday decorations, lots of attractions both for children and adults, animation and music shows. Apart from that, you’ll find two skating rinks (with artificial ice), water slides, a Christmas market, a giant snowball and a lot more. You are welcome from 11:30-23:00 every day until January 6th


8. Micro-mapping at Santa Clara convent


Mirco-mapping session at Santa Clara art-space
Mirco-mapping session at Santa Clara art-space

Another exciting event this Christmas season is a micro-mapping session organized at the former Santa Clara convent, nowadays an arts & culture center. If you haven’t tried micro-mapping before, this is your chance to explore this fascinating technology, by participating in a projection of a Christmas dinner! From December 21st until January 3rd there will be 10 sessions a day, for 64 people per session. 

These and more fascinating events and attractions are waiting for you in Seville this Christmas season!

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